Vessel Medium-sized For Fishing

Detailed Product Description
Material of the case - steel
Length the greatest, m.  --- 39.8
Length between perpendiculars,m.---  .35,3
Width, m --- 8.9
Height of a board up to a main deck, m.  ---4.6
Deposit on a loadline, m. --- 3.2
Speed of a course, km/h --- 18.5
Crew, the person  --- 16
Volume of refrigerator hold, cubic m       --- 100
Capacity of fuel tanks, cubic m.--- 60
Autonomy, days ---  15
Power installation kW --- 440
Temperature in hold  ---  -28 C 

Price - EUR 2 800 000


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The vessel is designed for fish and shrimp on the stern scheme in coastal tropical waters of the oceans using bottom pair trawling and various depth trawling. Fishing for shrimp is carried out on double-breasted scheme. The production of chilled and frozen fish products and fresh frozen shrimp is provided.



The greatest length of -35, 7m.
Width-8, 8 pm
Height of a board on middel, m. - 6,07
Speed-12 knots.
Draught, m. - 3,6
Displacement in a cargo, T. - 600
Displacement - 410 tonnes
Volume of freezing hold, cube. M. - 210
Temperature mode of hold, degree C - -28
Productivity of freezing devices., tonnes / days - 10
Capacity of the engine, kw - 850
Speed of a course, km/h. - 20,7
Tractive force (V=5 units.) kN - 85
Quantity(amount) of berths - 18
Endurance voyage 30 days

The vessel is based on the class of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping KM * LZAZ fishing.
Navigation area - unlimited.
Term of manufacturing of a vessel (from zero) - 10-12 month

Deck equipment for fishing:
Drum winch - LETrS-3 with a remote control, traction on the upper layer spooling drum to 61.8 kN at a speed of a sample of 90 rpm., The working length vaer 2 X 2000 meters.
Cargo booms:. The portal mainmast has two bow and two stern booms lifting capacity of 1.6 tons.

The main sources of energy:
Power plant:
The main engine, diesel 6NVP48A2U firms SKL power 588 kW (800 hp). The volume of fuel tanks - 100m3
Two diesel-generator capacity of MAN 210 kW each to produce the ship's three-phase AC power 50 Hz 380V.

Storage of fish:
Chilled products produced at a temperature of minus 4C.
Frozen fish products are stored in the hold at a temperature of minus 25C.
Capacity: fish hold-156m3.
There is a pre-cooling of fish by cooled outboard water (in amount of 3 tons in fish bunker).
Fish processing plant and equipment:
Fish processing plant, located on the main deck, provides a release of frozen and chilled products.
The cooling unit consists of two compressors 2FUU-BS18 refrigerating 8.95 kW.
Refrigerant (gas) - Chladone-22.
Freezing and glazing machine devices. To freeze fish, shrimp waste and units are installed in three freezers contact  “AMP”  type (or similar import) for freezing of about 2.6 tons of fish a day each. Frozen blocks of fish fed on glazing machine unit-I7 IGD.
Fish shop is equipped with conveyors: adopters, lifting, sorting, cutting, and transfer

Radio and navigation:
The vessel is equipped with a radio system meets the requirements of GMDSS, and modern radio equipment: radar, SR5 receiver, gyrocompass, fish and other complex.

Placement of the crew:
There are 18 persons Crew accommodation and 3 spare seats. The crew is housed in single, double, triple and quad cabins with air conditioning. There are lounge-dining room.


Vessel Medium sized  Purse Seiner   


Length over all, m 28,40
Length between perp., m 24,00
Breadth, m 9,50
Depth, m 6,70

Type of propulsion plant Diesel - electrical or diesel
electric motors                Schorch HB2 405 1 x 1100 kW
                                      Schorch KB 315 1 x 320 kW
diesels                            4 x Volvo Penta D16 MG
Gear box                       Heimdal
CPP                              Finnoy
Auxiliary engine             1 x Nogva Deere 4045TFM50
Side thruster                  2 x 320 kW
Steering gear                 Ulstein Tenfjord AS SR 562L

Fuel oil                         80.0 m3
2 x ballast water tanks  32,00 m3
3 x RSW tanks            171,00 m3
3 x live fish tanks          126,00 m3

Cargo/Deck equipment:
Two combined winches (for trawling, seine, purse and bottom catching)
End winch
Winch for seine
Deck crane
Triplex KN16
Cooling in fish hold

The vessel is designed for a complement of:
3 x 2-men cabins
2 x 1-men cabins

Small fishing trawlers for coastal fishing

Small fishing trawler Class III Cabinet pursuant to the Russian Maritime Register is used
for coastal fishing in the interior and the open seas.

Main dimensions and main characteristics:

Length of the body, 15,00 m
The width of the hull, 4.60 m
Draft loaded, 1,65 m
Full displacement, t 59
Carrying capacity in the hold, t 6
Payload on deck, t 2
Main engine power kW 110
The speed of the largest cargo hubs 8
Trawling speed, 4 knots
Thrust on gake trawling at a speed of 4 knots, 12-14 kN
Seakeeping, points 4
Crew. 4
Endurance voyage on the stocks of fuel, days 3
Removal from the coast, 20 miles