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Type        Rib Boat
Model No        IMG Boats Catalog

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Type        Rib Boat
Model No        IMG Boats Catalog
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Detailed Product Description
Sale. Boats(from the CATALOGUE of BOATS):
1. Inflatable boats, rowing.6 models, from 238 EUR up to 508 EUR.
2. Inflatable boats, rowing of the engine.21 model from 570 EUR up to 2034 EUR.
Inflatable boats RIB,(the Firm plastic case + the inflatable cylinder).22 models from 1106
EUR up to 9415 EUR
Inflatable boats for execution(performance) of official duties of 4 models from 3953 EUR up to 4628 EUR
Boats, inflatable for an alloy on the rivers of mountain RAFT, sports and tourist.12 models
from 424 EUR up to 2630 EUR
6. The firm aluminium case + the inflatable cylinder,7 models from 2278 EUR up to 7553 EUR.
7. Boats(layered poliester fibreglass with vacuum pressing) 12 models from 266 EUR up to 880 EUR
8. Cases of boats.4 models from 160 EUR up to 638 EUR
9. Motor yachts.7 models from 3635 EUR up to 17800 EUR


Free falling lifeboats, IMG 01612 and 01612T  

Free falling lifeboats, projects 01612 and 01612T, landing on water from height up to
12 meters are intended for rescue operations for all kinds of vessels.
The lifeboats provide good security. Hull material is fire resistant glass-reinforced
plastic. Available in conventional and tanker execution.
Modified models of the lifeboats, projects 01612M and 01612MT, are designed for
vessels with a crew up to 20 people.
Lifeboats characteristics comply with the requirements of Russian Maritime Register
of Shipping, International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea "SOLAS-74/83",
LSA Code and IMO MSC 81 (70) Resolution.